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Our Mission

Bryan's Bees is a beekeeping company in the Western USA.  We originated in Ventura County, California in 2012 with our first five packages of bees and the dream of becoming commercial beekeepers.  Unfortunately we quickly  found that commercial beekeeping is more of a labor of love, so most of our business currently revolves around live bee rescue.  We then use rescued hives to nourish and grow our beekeeping operation.

When the business was young Bryan worked the bees part time while he worked in the pest control industry.  There he was forced to spray hives time and time again, while he felt like there must be a better way.  Now we are proud to say that we rescue hundreds of hives every year while remaining entirely pesticide free.  The rescued hives are then carefully cared for in our apiary, and are used to pollinate crops and make honey across the entire west coast including Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Kern County, Santa Barbara County, Portland, Seattle, and Lewis County, WA.

Our History

In 2012 Bryan got his first five packages of bees, and with a lot of hard work, and the help of several mentors we have grown those five packages into a 160 hive operation in five counties, but it wasn't always this way.  

In 2013 we found a local beekeeper to mentor us, and that is when we discovered how migratory beekeeping is.  Our local Ventura County bees were taken to almond pollination in Kern County, back to Avocadoes in Ventura County, then out of state to make honey during the hot Southern California dearth, and ultimately back to Ventura County to overwinter.

Due to how migratory the business is we realized how important it would be to grow the business in all these areas.  We began working with local beekeepers and universities to make as many partners in these areas as we could.  In 2017 we opened up our Bakersfield and LA branches around our Almond pollination and overwintering grounds.  Then in 2019 we opened our Seattle and Portland bee rescue routes around our new apple pollination and summer honey grounds.

Bryan Castro

Bryan Castro

 Bryan’s Bees is owned and operated by Bryan Castro. In 2008 he attended California State University Channel Islands where he studied entomology and ecology, while working in the California State University Channel Islands Pollination Ecology Lab. It was there that he fell in love with honey bees and beekeeping. In 2012, Bryan bought his first five packages of bees, and Bryan’s Bees was born. After ending his internship at CSUCI he worked at Associate's Insectary raising beneficial insects, Jubilee Honey Company as a commercial beekeeper, and Terminix as a pest control technician. In April of 2015 Bryan began working for Bryan's Bees full time.


Lyndsay Peterson

 Lyndsay is the official Bryan's Bees office manager.  Lyndsay studied Performing Arts at California State University Channel Islands and has been working with children, professionally, since graduating with her BA.  Because of this unique skill set, she not only runs the office, but is also in charge of our education outreach and volunteer events. 

The Team



Mike is Lyndsay's brother!  He has been a part of our team since 2017, and is our lead bee removal technician in Ventura County as well as regional field manager for all of Southern California.



Sara joined Bryan's Bees in 2017 while studying in the same research program that Bryan did at CSUCI.  She is now one of our lead beekeepers in Ventura County



Colin is the newest member of our Ventura and Los Angeles County teams.  He's been working with Bryan's Bees since 2018 and is on his way to becoming a lead beekeeper.



Walter is currently our main bee removal technician for Kern County. He has lived in Bakersfield most of his life.  He currently resides there with his wife and 2 youngest children. He has been working with Bryan's Bees since 2018. 

"I've realized in recent years how often I notice bee boxes and beekeepers as I drive around Kern County, and I wonder: How did they get into that line of work? Then I saw a posting by Bryan's Bees and that was my ticket to a fascinating new world working with these truly amazing creatures." 



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