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Bees For Sale

Bakersfield and Washington Queen Bees

Washington and Bakersfield Queen Bees For Sale

Due to the the presence of African Bees in Ventura and LA counties, we only have queen bees for sale from our Bakersfield and Washington locations at this time.

Queens are typically available from February through September.  Queen bees are usually available for sale for $30 each. Prices vary with quantity.

Nucleus Colonies

California and Washington Nucleus Of Bees

A Nucleus Colony is five frames of brood and honey with bees.  This is a more established colony than a package, so they are more likely to succeed their first year.  We are selling them for $260 each.  We have Nucs for sale April through October.  Nucleus colonies are available for pickup at no additional cost, or they can be delivered for $30 each.


Buy Local Swarm of Bees

Sometimes people ask if they can purchase a local swarm.  We don't typically recommend keeping wild bees because they are very likely to swarm away, and can sometimes be aggressive.  If you are still interested despite questionable genetics they are available for $100 with delivery.

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